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Funktionell naturopati

In Lyfjabergt, we promote a healthy physical an energetic body.

A healthy person has a better chance for a full, spiritual and creative life. Therefore, much of our effort is to support in every way possiblility to restore health by making available to the person who so desires, multiple forms of Holistic Healing.

We have Dry Sauna and Steam Sauna

The use of the Steam Sauna leads to a significant improvement in many physiological processes. Acts by clearing airways and digestive system, toning the nervous system and also helps in bone and muscle problems through the heat bath and the healing properties of various herbs that are used in it.

It is ancestral method recognized for its profound benefits.

The high temperature causes the body to sweat but the humidity in the sauna does not allow sweat to evaporate so easy, so that starts the self-regulatory body action with the sympathetic and parasympathetic system to respond by accelerating the circulation and sweating even more so the removal of toxins is enhanced.

It helps to eliminate uric acid, lactic acid, heavy metals such as zinc, mercury, copper, lead, and others, and generally balances the Ph level.

Dry Sauna, indoor temperature ranges from 80-100 degrees and high humidity reaches 15% favoring that a heavy sweating occurs in the body.

Among its benefits are: detox, de-stressing, improves cardiovascular function, improves breathing and many others functions.

Steam Sauna and Dermal Ozone

This therapy involves the application of ozone with special techniques and therapeutic purposes to the skin by steam and ozone.

Ozone is a triatomic range special oxygen. For use in medicine it´s produced from medical oxygen, by a ozone generator.

The benefits to the body are multiple oxygenating, energizing, antioxidant, immuno-modulatory, regenerative, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, germicide, among many others, which puts ozone therapy as an efficient alternaive to multiple purposes.