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Vibrational therapy


Spanda can be translated as throb or pulse or to mean vibration, movement, or motion, referring to waves of activity issuing forth from an unseen source of spontaneous expression, emanating not only from the centre outward but from everywhere at once. It might be described as the essence of a wave in the ocean of consciousness. An impulse or desire to create and enjoy, likened to an eternal spring, joyfully overflowing its inner essence into manifestation and inspiration, yet ever full, complete and unchanging.

On the transcendental plane, spanda is the pulsating radiance flashing forth of the Absolute consciousness who appears as the universal source and essential form of the Absolute´s own energetic self-expression. On a more personal plane, spanda is the primordial energy whose manifestation reveals itself in our every experience, and it refers to consciousness as it orients through thought and intention to organize into authentic action. It is a continuous movement on an infinite spectrum of frequencies flashing forth of consciousness. It is the first stage of consciousness before it crystallizes into the reasoning process.

Thus, spanda is defined as the dynamics of consciousness, being not a physical movement, not a psychological activity (like pleasure) and not even a movement of energy (prana), such as hunger and thirst, but being the subtle vibration which is the source and foundation of all these. "Spanda is the pulsation of the ecstasy of the divine consciousness", as Abinahavagupta (975-1025 c.e.) defines it. When we sense this pulsation inside us, we are sensing our own personal spark of that huge, primordial life force. It is the energy behind the breath, the heartbeat, and the movement of our thoughts and feelings. It is also the source of all our inner experiences. When we get deep into ourselves, we realize that this throb, this subtle pulsation, is actually "meditating" us.


¿ What do we offer ?

  • Radionic Vibrational Therapy


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